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You Say The Ride Was Looking Deep In My Eyes
Don't Need No Rolling Stone : : mydoctortennant
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23rd-Jan-2012 05:39 pm - Fail of a blogger really...
McFly :: PoynterJones Kissage
...I don't really have much of an ecuse for not being around. I mainly got sucked into read Song of Fire and Ice series which I'm in love with. The books more so than the series by a long way, the way the characters are presented in the books are phenomenal! Tyrion is a complete legend and Arya rocks my socks.

But this isn't the purpose of my post, at all.

So remember my two stints at SFX? The last one ended on a high when Russell asked me to come up with a page-feature on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They wanted something that hadn't been done before so I came up with a (quite long, actually) list of things they could do. Then Russell decided he'd appoint the feature to me... ME!

So back in November I came up with the idea of doing a 'Let's take a step back and look at it properly, will this reboot be that bad an idea?' feature, in which I listed names for characcters, writers and show runners that could make the reboot a good idea... AND IT'S BEEN PRINTED IN THE VAMPIRE SPECIAL! In conjunction to this: my name is also under the 'writers' for it! How exciting is that! No more 'contribution' or 'special thanks' an actual 'writer' credit!

cut to pictures...Collapse )

Anyone who knows where the title for the page came from gets a special prize!

Other good news: After having an obsession with Ben Mansfield's face paid off! I was having a session of googling him and came across him being in a play with Hannah Spearitt, so I phoned my Mum and we got tickets!
3rd-Jan-2012 01:39 pm - RALLY THE TROOPS!
McFly :: PoynterJones Kissage
Merlin has been nominated against DOCTOR WHO of all things in the National Television Awards. As much as I love Who; Merlin deserves this award so much!

Everybody vote vote vote!


And vote Strictly... anything to stop the XFactor winning.

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27th-Dec-2011 10:08 pm - I blame Gracieeeee
McFly :: PoynterJones Kissage
Testing Dreamwidth testing... I don't know if I'm liking this or not quite yet... it's basically LJ under another name really isn't it?


Birthday soon!
27th-Dec-2011 12:16 am - Bithday update!
McFly :: PoynterJones Kissage
Hey guys!

I want you all to be a part of my birthday this year (It's the big 2-1 which means little to me but I'm told to celebrate like it does XD).

If you saw before, and forgot, this is budge, if you didn't then this is my proposal!

I'm having a HP fancy dress and film fest. So if you could email me pictures that I can get printed to tack to the wall for the day in your costumes or something dressed up as a character that would be awesome!

Love to you all!
24th-Dec-2011 11:44 pm - Just to prove I'm alive for Xmas...
ER :: Reela Hug Immient
Year Fandom Meme stolen from dreamer98Collapse )

This time next week I'll be 21! Eep!

How very scary.

Hopefully all those I sent cards too received them =]
20th-Dec-2011 07:45 pm - Today has been a good day.
McFly :: PoynterJones Kissage
Today I did very little...

I got up. I went to Bath with my Mum for a gig. Randomly met both Dan and Rich from the Feeling in Guildhall Market. They were looking for tacky Christmas decorations. Lovely people.

We then went on search of the foil extending things they wanted but nowhere seems to sell these days. So we got a gay reindeer instead!

Got to meet them again at the Meet and Greet. So nice.

I phoned my BFF, Lauren, who couldn't make it and spoke to all of them. She was so happy and speechless. I got them to sign a Christmas card for her which I can give her Saturday!

Waiting for the concert to start now. EEP!

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14th-Dec-2011 07:39 pm - Well Good News!
McFly :: PoynterJones Kissage
Today I heard from Edinburgh Napier...

I have a conditional offer from them, I have to get a 2:2 or above and a glowing reference from Max! He's going to send it tomorrow. And I've only had one 2:2 in my life, so here's hoping that I keep it up and get a 2:1 or a first...


GIF PARTY!Collapse )
5th-Dec-2011 10:07 pm - AHHHHHHH - Golly Goshness!
TPatF :: Tiana Uh Wut? GIF
I just hit submit on my application for a post-graduate in Magazine Publishing at Edinburgh Napier.

Once Max, my screenwriting teacher, and my transcripts are sent off, that's it. Oh god, I'm so nervous, but so relieved I did it! Need to figure out where teh hell to get my transcripts to submit online!
27th-Nov-2011 03:23 pm - I'm ignoring my broken mind...
McFly :: PoynterJones Kissage
...in favour of NaNoWriMo.

I'm WAY behind. Like more than I have EVER been, in my life.

Last year I did 100,010 words, this year isn't look quite so good...

Cheerleading would be most appreciated.

(I've stopped my dissertation story in favour of a Merlin one...)
16th-Nov-2011 11:48 pm - Big up to Gracieeeeeee
Doctor Who :: Amy/Rory Kisses
I bidded on her for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure Auction and she made me the worlds most awesome things!

(all made by sgmajorshipper my wonderful wifey/Colin <3)

Now I just have my second screen on so I can look at it. <3
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