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You Say The Ride Was Looking Deep In My Eyes
Don't Need No Rolling Stone : : mydoctortennant
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8th-Mar-2012 10:35 pm
McFly :: PoynterJones Kissage
1. Leave a comment to this post!
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, TV shows or video games.

Gracie game me M (because I asked for it XD)

Morgana - Such a shock. I know. Especially if you follow my Tumblr at all. I've become a little, let's say, obsessed with Katie Mcgrath of late. There is nothing but love going on for her. I think she's imporved leaps and bounds as an actress sicne we first met her in series one. She's beautiful, rightfully pissed at her father who refused to acknowledge her, not so rightfully pissed as a result at Arthur (not really his fault that he's first in line for the throne, she should live in our modern England, she'd get to be Queen because she's the first born, hurrah!) I would have liked for them to make her path more of a steady one, maybe even have had Merlin try and teach her to control her powers before the realisation of Uther being her father and she went against him. (This is when Nat points out to me that she'd use that against Merlin then and have had him executed, not that Arthur ever believes that Merlin's got magic but that is neither here nor there). I love evil!Morgana. Katie revels in it and it shows. And I like to think that Aithusa was sent to heal her by Merlin because he knows that she will, one day, redeem herself and become epic witch to his epic warlock.


Merlin - Who can honestly say thay don't like him? (shut up, Thursday, I know you have your issues, I'm ignoring you). He's got a heart of gold. Yes, he makes mistakes, yes he's flawed, and yes he really does need to tell arthur about his abilties but it's only a matter of time before the tit realises what is right behind his head... I feel sorry for Merlin. I wish they would let him have more than one friend that knew about his magic. Especially with Lance gone, all he has is Gaius. Give him Gwaine (I was convinced in 3x12 he'd figured it out but no) to talk to, or Percival (hell just give those two their own storylines to carry) and all will be dandy... well, not all. But still. Oh, and let him have at least three UST (I'm ooen to RST too, fyi) moments with Morgana an episode. *nods*

Miranda - She makes me laugh. She makes me cry with laughter, actually. She is simply amazing. She is a wonderful character (and woman).I love how she is hopeless, but in her times of actual need she can be a strong person, she can stand up for herself. Mainly when she doesn't think about it too much and just let's rip into whoever (Her mother/Gary). I can't believe they made us wait an extra year for series three, unacceptable. But I can't wait.

Mitchell - Watch him brood in true vamp style. I won't lie, I'm not sad he's gone. By the end of series three he was just a bit whiny, tbh. Obsessed over teh Wolf-shaped bullet and it all got a bit boring. (Plus, HAL took his place and he's just far more superior than Mitchell) I did love him with Annie though but even that wasn't enough to redeem him in s3 after s2... s1 Mitchell was fantastic though. And I am forever quoting "I feel a trip to Ikea coming on, and you know how I feel about that."

Matt Anderson - Oh how I disliked him to begin with! But once he actually got some groundwork he got interesting. He will never be my favourite Primeval character (in fact, on the main ARC team he is my least liked character) but in the end he did become a lot better. He's just not Connor... or Becker...
9th-Mar-2012 02:06 pm (UTC)
Good picks. I don't always like the direction they took with Morgana, but I adore Katie so that makes me more sympathetic towards her.

And oh Merlin. *Hugs him* I so agree; my friend and I are watching series 4 as it airs here in the US, and we're so bummed that Merlin doesn't have any friends (aside from Gauis) that know about his magic.

I've grown to like Matt more through series 4 and 5. I don't like him as much as Cutter or Danny, but I think he has the most compelling backstory, definitely.

You can give me a letter if you'd like. :)
9th-Mar-2012 02:15 pm (UTC)
You can choose between J and B ;D

sometimes I sit there and grumble, but I adore evil!Morgana. I just love how Katie is clearly having so much fun with it.

Danny was my favourite team leader, nothing will beat him. He gave Connor the chance to be the brainiest that he didn't always get with Cutter there... and I love Connor too much for him not to be the epiciest XD
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